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Understand Well Construction before you have a well drilled!!

It seems simple right?  Dig a hole to water, then pump it out!!

                                                                     Its not really that simple.


The unique geology in Colorado requires precautions to insure a good quality water well.  For any well it starts at the top.  A good grout seal around the well casing at the surface will insure contaminants will not enter your new well; keeping things like rainwater and rodents out.


However, there are many other contaminants that can enter your well and create problems with water quality.  Most wells drilled in Colorado require an additional seal to insure your water quality is as good as it can be.  This grout seal is hundreds of feet below ground, around the outside of the wells casing, just above the aquifer.  This is perhaps the most important component of a water well.  


Wells often penetrate small zones of poor quality water before extending to an aquifer.  Without a proper seal, these poor quality water zones are allowed to leach poor quality water into your well, creating undesirable water quality.  


If you are going to have a well drilled, it is imperative you ask your well drilling contractor if your well will have a grout seal deep in the ground, just above the aquifer.  


Below are side-by-side comparisons of well construction reports filed with the Colorado Division of Water Resources.  These wells are next door to each other.  As you see, the wells WE drilled have this deep grout seal, where the others do not.   Most well drillers do not install this very important (and legally required) seal.    


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