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Our versatility meets your specific needs

Contact Pearson Drilling for commercial, municipal, stock, domestic, and irrigation drilling services. Depending on your needs, we have the ability to drill many hole sizes, from 6” to 60” diameter holes. We are licensed to drill with mud and air rotary. Versatility is what helps us meet your needs no matter what they may be.


If you drill a residential well with us, we complete the well permit process for you.


The first step to getting a well drilled is to apply for the water well permit.  If you are completing your residential well with us, we will complete this permitting process for you for free. All you will need is a current deed for the property and to pay the $100 permit fee charged by The Colorado Division of Water Resources.


Most times, the permitting process can be completed by e-mail but we are always more than happy to meet with you on-site or at our office to complete the process.  The Colorado Divison of Water Resources approves permits within 4-8 weeks.    Please call or e-mail us at the office to get started on this process right away.


Exceeding state standards

We not only meet but exceed state and industry standards. Just meeting state standards is okay for some; but we pride ourselves on going above-and-beyond in many aspects of our business. Our job is to provide you with the highest quality and most reliable water system possible. Providing the highest quality water system available has been a family tradition for over 75 years.



Pricing varies depending on the area. We charge a flat minimum rate for shallow wells and a flat footage rate for deeper wells. You’ll see all pricing in writing before the work is performed. Pricing is based on our experience in your area. You’ll never be hit with hidden fees because all pricing is given to you in writing before work commences.


A pumping system can range in price depending on the depth, demand for water, and well production. We will give you a “ballpark” pump estimate before drilling begins. Once the well is drilled, we will give you a precise estimate for the pumping system.


Please call or e-mail us with the location and we can provide you with an estimate.  The more precise the location the more accurate the estimate will be.  A physical address, the subdivison and lot number, or the section, township and range.  



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