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Pearson Drilling and Pump Service began in the small town of Granada, Colorado under the name of Hoffman Drilling in the early 1940s. Owner Earl Hoffman provided cable tool drilling services to the region of Southeast Colorado for over 30 years until Pinkney Pearson, his son-in-law, began drilling by method of mud rotary into the late 1960s.


For years, Earl and Pinkney (P.W) worked side-by-side drilling wells. The company became profitable, drilling about 15 wells a year at a rate of about $2.00 per foot. Hoffman Drilling became Pearson Drilling and Pump Supply when passed on to Mike Pearson, son of P.W. Pearson. At this time, the operations were moved to Lamar, Colorado and production more than doubled within just a few years. By the late 1980s, Pearson Drilling and Pump Supply made a big name for itself following the lead of the past two generations, providing high quality service at competitive prices.


In 2001, four generations later, John Pearson decided to join his father Mike Pearson in opening an operation in Pueblo, Colorado. John Pearson became sole owner with his wife Kendra Pearson in 2005 and now owns and runs Pearson Drilling and Pump Service, from its Pueblo location. Today, Pearson Drilling and Pump Service is more successful than ever. Drilling over 100 wells per year, Pearson Drilling and Pump Service is the industry leader in providing turnkey water well systems. We take pride in providing the same quality of service that our previous generations did. When you do business with us, you’ll find that quality of service and products set us apart from the rest.

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